Amy Brueggemeyer
Owner + General Contractor
With her family name "Brueggemeyer" meaning "bridge builder," Amy was poised to enter the building industry. In addition to working as a carpenter on several bridges in Seattle she became the youngest female journey level carpenter there in 1981. Amy was a foreman and survey lead on large commercial projects before receiving her architecture degree from UC Berkeley. She started working for FB Design Build in 1997, and quickly became a partner in 2000. In addition to handling initial client consultations and overseeing design and construction, Amy is very hands-on: she can sometimes be seen in coveralls exploring a crawlspace, putting her construction expertise to use. She enjoys spending time with her family, backpacking and bicycling and cooking.

Amy has been making headlines since 1974, and we're glad she stuck with woodworking despite the difficulties of the construction industry. Read more here.

Education: UC Berkeley

Chantha Sayphrarath
Project Manager
Chantha came to FB Design Build from the Laney College carpentry program. His instructor told us that he had talent and ambition, and she was right. Chantha quickly went on to become a lead carpenter, and has worked for us as both a project manager and lead carpenter. He brings a full understanding of construction concepts, a great sense of humor, and a dedication to excellence on every project. Outside of work, Chantha enjoys spending time with his young son, Nick, and occasionally takes a fast ride on his motorcycle.

Education: Laney College

Rain Chan-Kalin
Designer/Project Manager
Rain is dedicated to improving people's lives one room at a time, and believes an enjoyable design and construction process is just as important as the finished product. People often ask how her degrees in architecture and linguistics are related. Pursued concurrently, she chose them because of her interest in the communication methods architecture employs, from drawings to verbal language. She cultivates inspiration from a variety of sources, including language, art, landscape, and, of course, the inspiring clients and people at FB. When not designing the indoors, she's off exploring the outdoors, sewing garments or outdoor gear, or diving into something new. She believes in expressing herself, giving it her all, and seeing the best in every person and situation.

Education: B.Arch and B.A. in Linguistics, Carnegie Mellon University

Zak Meghrouni-Brown
Zak grew up in Berkeley with an admiration for the area’s funky houses and people, and he views each home as a character in the community that makes the Bay a special place to be. There is nothing like the feeling of home, and he works mindfully to transform marks on a page into spaces of comfort and serenity. Outside of FB, Zak can be found anywhere with a nice view hiking or playing guitar.

Education: B.A. in Studio Art and Human-Centered Design, Dartmouth College

Marcie Kleiman
Office Manager
Marcie Kleiman is "the best thing to happen to FB in a long time". She is working full time to keep all of the wheels turning here at the office. You will hear her calm competent voice when you call the office, as she fields calls from clients and subs. She brings a humor and warmth to the office that helps us all work with efficiency and competence.

Alonso Munoz
Lead Carpenter
An exceptional carpenter, Alonso does not appear rushed or harried-yet he always has every aspect of the project in control, from the big picture down to the smallest detail. Alonso is a dedicated husband, father to two wonderful daughters, and now a grandfather too.

Don Gillies
Lead Carpenter

Michael Woodward
Lead Carpenter
We waited patiently for Michael to finish up a large project before we were able to hire him and it was worth the wait. From the start, his respect for quality building and continually positive attitude has impressed us and clients alike. When he's not working in the field he enjoys spending time with his son and watching him grow.

Sean Coleman
Lead Carpenter
Sean is a soft-spoken young man who thinks carefully about the best way to complete a task. Clients who have Sean on their project consider themselves very lucky, because things usually go smoothly and the product is of exceptionally high quality. Sean is funny and interesting, with many passions, most of them having to do with woodworking! Sean spends his free time with his lovely wife Meghan and his sweet dog Rosie. We hope to keep him in the East Bay for a few more years before he moves to Monterey to settle in a new home there.

Martin Cigarroa
Martin was born in Mexico City but has lived in the US for decades. A hard worker on the jobsite, he still manages to maintain a cheerful attitude and a love of carpentry. He is a huge NASCAR fan and can be found following every race.

Frankie Alcaraz
Frankie has a quiet nature and a shy smile, but he warms up to the crew and the clients very quickly. He has all of the qualities that one wants to see in an employee. He is hardworking , punctual and prepared mentally and physically. He listens carefully and absorbs information for future use. Even when he is not in charge of a project, he thinks ahead and solves problems as they arise. Everyone wants to have Frankie on their project. Frankie enjoys his time off with his wife, Paola, and their son, Rafael.